Junction Fitness
Mar 23, 2021

2022 Junction Fitness Open

Are you ready to put all of your hard work to the test? We are excited to announce the return of the Junction Fitness Open, February 2022! The Junction Fitness Open is a fun filled, three week in house competition to test your fitness against your peers and the world! Both CrossFit and X⁴ members can participate and will be split up across two teams that will compete for the title of the “Fittest Team at Junction” and receive year-long bragging rights over your fellow competitors!

Who can compete?

Junction Fitness members of all skill levels, both CrossFit and X⁴, can participate in the Open. Each workout will be scaled to fit your preferred class; however, you will be working out with our CrossFit class each week at the designated workout time!

When do I compete?

The Junction Open will be three weeks long, with three workouts total. The workout schedule with be as followed:

  • Week 1- Saturday, February 26 @9:15AM
  • Week 2- Saturday, March 5 @9:15AM
  • Week 3- Friday, March 11 @5PM (*Friday Night Lights*)

Since we typically cap classes at 12, we will not require you to sign into class via the Junction Fitness App. We will warm up as a group and begin heats starting at 9:15am

How will workouts and scoring go?

Each week you and your team will be able to each gain 15 total points each. The Scoring system is as followed:

  • 4 point - Theme of the week (Week 1: Team Color, Week 2: Tie Dye, Week 3: 90's Trends)
  • 5 points - Workout with your team
  • 6 points - Top M/F score of each category

Every Thursday starting February 24, a new workout will be released. The workout will feature three categories: Rx, Scaled, and X⁴ (this version will be strictly for our X⁴ members). If you are competing in the X⁴ version, the workouts will feature two categories: Rx and scaled (think of this as a challenge station in X⁴!). Each week we will add your score to your team’s overall total, and release the standings at the end of each week. The winning team will be announced following the completion of the third workout!

How do I sign up?

To reserve your spot on a team, you will need to sign up on the sign up sheet at the front desk.

*Unlike years prior, signing up for the Junction Open does not enter you for the Official CrossFit Open on the CrossFit Games website*

If you want to see how your scores stack up against the rest of the CrossFit community you will need to go to and sign up for the open there. You will choose "CrossFit DSP" as your affiliate home gym. (If you have signed up for The Open before, you do not need to create a new account. Simply log in and register for The 2022 Open)

What should I expect after I sign up?

Once everyone signs up, our coaches will draft their teams from a pool of all the participating members. Shortly after, we will notify you of your coach and team. Following the team announcements, your coach and team will decide on a team color!

How much is it to compete?

The fee for competing in the Junction Open is $25, which includes a t-shirt.

The T-Shirt will be a white Junction Fitness Open logo. On February 26th following the first workout, we will be providing the participants with tie dye kits and we will all tie dye our white shirts for the following weeks "Tie Dye" theme!

We can’t wait to get the three-week 2022 Junction Open competition underway! May the best team win.

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