Junction Fitness
Oct 22, 2021

Member Spotlight: Chris Andersen

Mr. Consistency. That is what the Junction Fitness staff has dubbed this month's member spotlight, Chris Andersen. You won't find anyone that is more dedicated with doing 5am workouts each week. If our doors are open, you can bet he will be there getting his daily workout in. Not only does Chris take his health and fitness seriously, he has his family involved as well. His wife Sherry, daughter Mikayla, and son-in-law Chance all come to Junction Fitness as well. It is easy to see where his family gets their work ethic from. Chris is the epitome of how consistency over a long period of time can result in long lasting progress. When you see Chris, give him a big high five and congratulations for being so awesome!

NAME: Chris Andersen

Membership Type: Dual monthly membership

When and why did you join Junction Fitness?

I originally signed up with CrossFit DSP in September of 2018 and have continued my membership through the transition to Junction Fitness. My goal is to improve and maintain my overall fitness and functionality.

What is your favorite thing about Junction Fitness?

My favorite thing about Junction Fitness is the community feeling and support both from the coaches and fellow athletes.

You are committed to 5am workouts each day. What helps you stay motivated to wake up that early and workout?

Waking up early and completing my workouts at 5am help give me a boost to accomplish whatever tasks I have for the day. Fitness is paramount in the law enforcement field both physically and mentally. Plus I enjoy the company of the other athletes that are also motivated to workout at 5am.

How have your thoughts on fitness changed over the last few years?

My thoughts on fitness have matured over the last few years. When I first started training, I was too focused on Rx weights and what others were doing. With the help of the coaching staff, I have focused more on technique and enjoying the improvements that I make, however small or large they are.

Does being physically fit help you with your job?

Being physically fit definitely helps with my job. Since joining CrossFit DSP/Junction Fitness, I have attended numerous advanced law enforcement academies and have won the fitness award in all of them. I also set new records at the U.S. Secret Service Academy for our Physical Fitness Test (PFT) in the 40-49 age group. My scores would also give me maximum points in the 20-29 age group.

What do you like about the different class offerings (CrossFit and X 4 ) at Junction Fitness?

The various class offerings at Junction Fitness have been a blessing for sure. I am a huge fan of the new X4 class and alternate between CrossFit and X4 through the week. The Saturday morning X4 partner workouts have been great.

What motivates you to keep going to Junction Fitness?

The coaches, athletes and the programming keep me motivated to keep going to Junction Fitness. There is plenty of variety in the workouts and the facility looks great. I am proud to be a member and walk through those doors in the morning.

Why have you entrusted Junction Fitness and it’s coaches to help you on your fitness journey?

The coaches at Junction Fitness are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely concerned with form and function. I see the efforts put forth to ensure that every skill level gets full attention in a safe and effective manner coupled with appropriate scaling and alternatives.

What goals have you achieved since becoming a part of the community at Junction Fitness?

Since becoming a part of the community at Junction Fitness, my overall strength and conditioning have improved and I have had the opportunity to watch and encourage my fellow athletes as they also improve.

Have you seen a change in your fitness level since adding X 4 to your weekly routine?

Since adding X4 to my weekly routine, my conditioning and my recovery have greatly improved.

How have the people at Junction Fitness helped motivate/encourage you?

The people at Junction Fitness have been wonderful. I look forward to seeing them and working out with them and have been able to develop some really good friendships. The athletes and coaches have been extremely supportive and encouraging.

Why do you think it is important to share your story with others in the Junction Fitness community?

Sharing my story with others in the Junction Fitness community is an important way to connect with others that I might not get to see on a regular basis or have yet to meet. Our stories help us to reflect on the things we might normally take for granted. We all come from a variety of disciplines, skill levels and backgrounds, but our Junction Fitness community brings us together on common ground and allows us to support and encourage one another both at an individual and collective level.

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