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Oct 22, 2021

Member Spotlight: Laura Calhoun

Do you ever meet someone and you can't help but enjoy being around them because of their positivity and personality? This is Laura Calhoun, October's Member Spotlight! If you know Laura, you know that she always has a smile on her face and brings a positive attitude to whatever class she is in. One thing we really love about Laura is her willingness to continue her fitness journey throughout such a long period of time. Age is just a number to her and she understands that as she ages, strength training is good for her to be able keep up with her grandchildren. We are so excited to have Laura a part of our Junction Fitness #Pack and we wish her many more years with us! If you see Laura, give her a high five and congratulate her on all of her accomplishments throughout the years!

NAME: Laura Calhoun

Membership Type: X⁴

When and why did you join Junction Fitness?

I started doing CrossFit the spring of 2014. My son, Matthew, and daughter-in-law, Rachel, encouraged me to give it a try.

What is your favorite thing about Junction Fitness?

I have two favorites… the people and the equipment used. Both are excellent, and get you to be the best you can be.

You did CrossFit for a long time before joining X4, why did you make the change?

Being 60 years old, my main focus now is building stamina and being in shape to keep up with my grandkids. 

How have your thoughts on fitness changed over the last few years?

Strength training is so important, and very important as you age. The Junction Fitness Coaches have helped me better understand nutrition too. 

Why is it important for you to stay healthy?

Being healthy helps me live an active lifestyle, and feel great.

What do you like about X⁴ at Junction Fitness? 

X4 is not boring. Workouts are different each day, and it keeps the entire body in shape. The Coaches guiding us, the music, and even the challenges help motivate me to not give up on myself and get it done. 

What motivates you to keep going to Junction Fitness?

The community, the exercise, and the results. I can feel like I don't have the energy, and then become so rejuvenated during and after exercising. There is great camaraderie in this diverse group of people.

Why have you entrusted Junction Fitness and it’s coaches to help you on your fitness journey?

They keep well informed with current research on nutrition and high intensity interval training, and really want everyone to improve their health. They really look at where you are, and step-by-step help you improve. 

What goals have you achieved since becoming a part of the community at Junction Fitness?

Having never done strength training before, I have been pleasantly surprised by what I have been able to achieve. My stamina has also improved.

Have you seen a change in your fitness level since committing to  X⁴?

The Trueform is not my nemesis anymore.  My lung-capacity seems to have improved, and I am using heavier weights. 

How have the people at Junction Fitness helped motivate/encourage you?

I am never treated differently because of my age, but rather encouraged, complemented, and pushed to not give up on what I can really accomplish. 

Why do you think it is important to share your story with others in the Junction Fitness community?

If you have a friend or family member that is making the excuse of being too old to exercise, let them know they are not. They just need to start. 

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