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Oct 22, 2021

Member Spotlight: Laurin McGinnis

If you have been a part of Junction Fitness for a while, this month's member spotlight is no surprise at all. Laurin (also known as Mama McGinnis) has been a huge supporter of our mission and understands our long term goals. She is the epitome of what it is to be a strong Mom and her dedication to living a healthy lifestyle shows each day. Although Laurin has 5, yes FIVE, wonderful children, she makes it a priority to come to the gym and continue working on being the best version of herself that she can. When she is not working out or taking care of her family, you can find her baking and decorating cookies for her business, Front Porch Dreamer Cookie Co. *SHAMELSS PLUG* or volunteering at school functions. If you know Laurin, you know she loves BIG and puts her heart into everything she does. We could not be more proud of Laurin and all of her hard work! Read our interview with Laurin below.

When and why did you join Junction Fitness? 

I have been a proud member of JF since the very beginning. I believe I started back in June of 2015.  

What is your favorite thing about Junction Fitness? 

I have so many favorite things about Junction, but probably the number one thing that keeps me coming back is our community. I know that sounds so cliché, but truly the feeling you get when a group of strangers band together and help each other out during tough workouts and in the process become a community, that right there is my favorite thing about Junction Fitness. 

Being a Mom of 5, how have you kept fitness a part of your busy routine? 

I get up and know that day,  if I do not get my fitness in I will not be nearly as productive as I would if I do go.  My family supports me and are great cheerleaders which makes it a lot easier to fit fitness into my routine.  

Did you continue doing CrossFit during all of your pregnancies? 

I have done CrossFit during 3 out of 5 of my pregnancies. I was told by many, don’t do CrossFit during pregnancy, you don’t want to lift anything. Pregnancy is not an excuse to just lay around and be sedentary for 9 months. Each pregnancy presented its own challenges and I had to stop working out periods of time through them all. The sedentary lifestyle is not for me. If I have any advice for a new pregnant mom looking to stay healthy during pregnancy, it’s to just listen to your body. The movements can be modified to suite your needs and the coaches at Junction fitness are trained to work with you so that you get the best workout possible while keeping you safe.

Why do you think it is important for parents to be healthy and exercise?

To be leaders and examples for the children. If you want your kiddos to be healthy and active they need to see their parents doing the same. Exercise is good therapy for my brain.  It’s an antidepressant and I think it is VERY underutilized. 

What do you like about the different class offerings (CrossFit and X4) at Junction Fitness? 

I enjoy being able to see the calories burn up during X4, seeing that heart rate go up, and then taking that conditioning and knocking out a CrossFit class because I have so much more endurance from X4. 

What class do you typically go to / do you stick to a routine? If you go to a specific class each day, what do you like about it? Why do you consistently go to that?

I try to do 2 days CrossFit, 2 days X4. I feel like that is a really great balance for me right now.  I am a die hard member of the 8:30 a.m. class. 

What motivates you to keep going to Junction Fitness? 

My family at home, my gym family, and the self confidence I get from going to Junction Fitness. 

Why have you entrusted Junction Fitness and it’s coaches to help you on your fitness journey?

This is a one of a kind, personalized facility. The coaches are here to listen and point you in the right direction to a better you. If they can’t answer it right away, they’re doing everything they can to figure out what they need to do to get you to the right solution. 

What goals have you achieved since becoming a part of the community at Junction Fitness?

I have done movements and lifted weights I never thought were possible. Worked out through two pregnancies and came back swinging postpartum. My mental and physical stamina have improved also. 

Have you seen a change in your fitness level since adding  X4  to your weekly routine?  


100%. I felt strong before, but since I have added X4 I can really feel the results even more. 

How have the people at Junction Fitness helped motivate/encourage you? 

They leave their egos at the door. That’s number one in my book. We have an amazing community of encouraging people. No one is too good for anyone. We are all on different paths, but join up for the best hour of the day to improve ourselves together. 

Why do you think it is important to share your story with others in the Junction 

Fitness community? 

I think my story is important because it shows other moms that they are capable of creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves. To not be scared and to know that we are all struggling, achieving, and supporting one another. 

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