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Oct 22, 2021

Member Spotlight: Malcolm Miller

Have you ever met someone and was immediately able to connect with them? Almost like you have met them before? That is Malcolm (also known as "Mackum"), this month's member spotlight. When you meet him for the first time you instantly feel his good vibes that he radiates. Malcolm has been a part of the Junction Fitness fam for quite some time and is a regular in the 5:30p CrossFit class or 5:45 X4 class. If you have been in class with Malcolm you may have seen him squat over 500lbs, deadlift over 600lbs, or even do Isabel (30 snatches for time) in under 1 minute and 30 seconds. Insane! He doesn't like to admit that he is strong and in shape, but that clock starts, he is all gas, no brakes. That is probably because of the athlete that is embedded in him, being that he is a former collegiate running back. He is no stranger to hard work and that shows every day when he is in the gym. Not only is he a hard worker inside the gym, he also carries those attributes outside the gym as well. Malcolm is a University of Mary Hardin-Baylor alumni with a B.S. in Engineering and currently works for Bell County as an Engineering Technician for Land Development. So you can say he has brains and brawn! We are so happy for Malcolm and all of his accomplishments inside and out of the gym and we are grateful that he is a part of our community. If you see Malcolm in the gym, give him a fist bump for being this month's member spotlight!

NAME: Malcom Miller

Membership Type: CrossFit & X4

When and why did you join Junction Fitness?

I Joined Junction Fitness in 2018. I joined Junction fitness because I was bored with the traditional gyms. 

What is your favorite thing about Junction Fitness?

My favorite thing about Junction Fitness is the community and the new connections I have established over the last 4 years.

Why did you decide to get healthy?

I found myself very overweight. I lacked energy and sleep all the time.

Why did you decide to do CrossFit over the average gym?

Working out alone was the deciding factor in choosing Crossfit over an average gym. I’ve played sports my whole life and always work out with the team or multiple people. Joining Crossfit gives me a similar atmosphere that I love and thrive in.

Why is it important for you to stay healthy?

Staying healthy is important because it will free me of potential health issues down the line.  

How has adding X4 at Junction Fitness helped you in your fitness journey?

X4 has helped me tremendously with my cardio. I've always been below average in that category my whole life. Now with the addition of X4 into my fitness lifestyle, it's a big difference. 

What excites you the most about coming to Junction Fitness every day?

Having a chance to get better every workout.

Why have you entrusted Junction Fitness and it’s coaches to help you on your fitness journey? 

I had zero knowledge of crossfit before joining the gym. 60 percent of the movements I've never attempted prior to joining Junction Fitness.  With help from the coaches I have not only learned them all, I have also consistently break personal best.   

What goals have you achieved since becoming a part of the community at Junction Fitness? 

One of my ultimate goals when I joined Junction fitness was to be able to do a muscle up. This is my biggest achievement so far.

Have you made friends since joining Junction Fitness?

I have made tons of friends. Many members of the gym I talk to on a daily basis. Some of them I consider family now!

Why do you think it is important to share your story with others in the Junction 

Fitness community? 

People get inspiration from all different types of places. It can be from somebody who is an overachiever all the way down to someone who is struggling but is trying really hard to make their goals. I feel like my story is somewhere in that broad spectrum that one person can get inspiration from. 

What are your goals for 2022?

My only goal for 2022 is to be better in my overall fitness lifestyle than the year before.

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