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Mar 23, 2021

What is X⁴?

Are you ready for you favorite new workout? X⁴ is the perfect blend of strength and cardio training that is done like no other fitness facility in Temple, Texas.
Are you ready for you favorite new workout? X⁴ is the perfect blend of strength and cardio training that is done like no other fitness facility in Temple, Texas.
X⁴ is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT)  program that rotates between four workout blocks keeping the programming fun and effective.
HIIT has grown in popularity in recent years due to the many benefits of the training style, including increased metabolic rate, optimal muscle building and retention, fat loss and increased calorie burn during and after the workout. HIIT programming taxes both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, which increases your oxygen capacity and builds muscle, respectively. Thus, with HIIT training, you can improve your endurance and build strength at the same time.
X⁴’s four unique blocks are critical to the programming - TrueForm, TRX, Strength and Capacity. While the stations remain the same, each station’s movements and equipment vary daily to keep members engaged and challenged. X⁴ started in Homewood, Alabama, and has expanded to affiliate gyms like Junction Fitness. Founded on community and built on effective methodology, X⁴ draws people from all walks of life and fitness backgrounds, which fit perfectly with our Junction Fitness culture.
X⁴ programming is original and compelling because of the four unique blocks. Within the four blocks - TruForm, TRX, Strength and Capacity - the machines and equipment are designed and selected to maximize the workout’s effectiveness. When experiencing an X⁴ class, you can expect to work a variety of muscle groups throughout the four stations.
TrueForm: The TrueForm is a high-end, athlete-powered runner. This machine is different from traditional battery or electric operated runners because it immediately stops when athletes stop running. The design encourages the correct running form and is a great training tool for track athletes. The TrueForm programming includes interval training where athletes move between 60-100 percent effort during the training block.
TRX: TRX Suspension Training is a strength-training method that helps athletes work on gymnastics-level movements and adds variety to core, upper and lower body movements. The bodyweight movements develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. This training approach allows athletes to scale their ability through the foot or hand placement on straps and gives beginner movement options to high-technique variations.
Strength: The strength block of X⁴ focuses on weight training using a Torpedo. A torpedo is a weight with three handles. One traditional middle handle operates like a Dumbbell, and two handles on the outside allow for use as a Barbell or swung like a Kettlebell. These weights allow for more flexibility in programming, and athletes can jump between different movements with different grips or holding styles.
‍Capacity: The Capacity station uses Concept2 machines such as the Concept2 Rower, SkiErg and Bike to provide training ranging from maximum effort sprints to high-capacity endurance training for 20+ minutes. The devices can track both distances (meters) and power output (calories). The rotation in Capacity equipment keeps programming fresh and engaging while providing enough frequency for athletes to become comfortable with each type of equipment.
Interested to learn more and experience the X⁴ difference? Come sweat with us and enjoy your first class free!
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