Fitness Doesn't Stop
in the Gym

Junction Fitness is excited to partner with Your4 to offer our members access to nutrition coaching through an all-virtual platform!

What is Your4?

Your4 is a one-on-one nutrition coaching program customized for you and your lifestyle by focusing on the four specific pillars of your health: sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise. Your4 focuses not only on body goals, but we seek to discover and encourage your motivations for a long-term healthy lifestyle. Your Nutrition Coach will provide you with the support and customized expertise you need to take control of your health.

Step 1: Schedule your initial consultation! This does not commit you to anything. It’s simply to let you meet your Nutrition Coach, get to know one another and understand your goals! Knowing more about you and your motivations will help your coach personalize your plan. You can also use this consultation to ask any remaining questions you have about the different program options.

Step 2: Decide you’re ready to change your life! Fill out our health questionnaire and decide which payment option is best for you.

Step 3: We go over everything we’ve talked about during the initial consultation and the health questionnaire and create your individualized plan. You will receive your plan and be ready to get started!

Step 4: During this program, you will receive whatever level of support and coaching you desire. You will have two online check-ins each week so your coach can ensure you’re on track. You also are able to message your coach any day of the week with any questions you have. The more you communicate, the better your nutrition coach can tailor the program to your needs!

Step 5: Start seeing results! As you experience changes throughout the program, your confidence in your nutritional choices and your body will grow. Here is where you’ll be given the tools and build the habits to make this a sustainable lifestyle and make your results permanent!

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